A) Deadlift barbell            
Lifting each 2:15 mins X 4 rounds            
6-8 reps at 82% 1RM (or 8th rep feels like a 7/10 intensity            
Tempo 2110 @1-2.5kg heavier than last time            
B) In teams of 3:            

2 rounds for time:            
90 alt Hand Db power snatch            
90 single DB overhead lunges            
90 double unders            

One person working at a time            
24 min cap            

RX+ 25/20kg Db            
Rx: 22.5/15kg Db    
Int: 15/10kg Db
Beg: 10/5kg DB

C) Stretch            

Hip flexors, glutes, lower back.                          


RIng Skills
A) Toes to rings

30 sec AMRAP : 60 rest X5

B) Kipping ring dips
-10 sec top of ring support
-10 sec bottom of ring support
X 2 rounds
Each 90 sec X5
-practice knee drive kip for 5 mins (advanced muscle up to high rings)

C) 3 rounds
10 straight arm press downs @3111
rest 60 X3
10 Db pullovers @3111
rest 60 X3
Max ring/parallel bar dips @3111
rest 60 X3

D) For quality
9-6-3 reps of:
Abwheel/ barbell roll out
Hollow rocks



4 sets Push -Pull            
A1) Strict press barbell            

6 all at last weeks tough 6 weight            
rest 30            
Strict pronated pullup            
5 adding load on last time, or harder band!            
rest 90  X4 sets            
B) 16 EMOM @ 9/10 Threshold pace            

M1: 30 sec Power clean            
M2: 30 sec Bar muscle ups            
M3: 30 sec Bar facing burpee            
M4: 30 sec Assault bike            
RX+ 50/35, BMU            
Rx: 40/30, C2b pullup    
Int: 30/20, Chin over bar pullup
Beg: 20/10, Jumping pullup

C) Gun show            

EMOM 6            
M1:10 Dual hammer Db curl and press            
M2: 6 Dragon fly leg raise            


At 8-9/10 RPE
A) 30 EMOM

M1: 45 sec Amrap Bike
M2: 45 sec Amrap 10 lateral ball slams + 10 ball v-ups 
M3: 45 sec Amrap Ski
M4: 45 sec Amrap Box step overs holding Dbs 20/15kg
M5: 45 sec Amrap Row
M6: 45 sec Amrap 5 Db push press + 5 floor tuck ups

*Intention is each minute has 45 sec of work +15 sec transition time. 
Scale appropriately.

B) Stretch
Glutes, adductors, lats.


A) Snatch pull + hang squat snatch (above the knee)
1+1 lifting each 2:15 mins X6 at these %

B) Behind the neck snatch push press
3 reps build to challenging 
Lifting each 2:15 mins X4

C) 2 rounds
15 GHD hip extensions 
90 sec Plank hold


MONTAG, 27. MÄRZ 2023

A) High bar Back Squat                     
Lifting each 2:30 mins X 4 rounds                    
6-8 reps at 82% 1RM (or 8th rep feels like a 7/10 intensity)                    
Tempo 2110 @1-2.5kg heavier than last week                    
B) 20 AMRAP at grinding pace                    

6 DB Thrusters heavy                    
10 floor press DBs                    
14 bent over DB rows                    
18 med ball V-sups                    

RX+ 25/20kg Dbs, 30/20# ball                    
Rx: 20/15kg Dbs, 20/14#                    
Int: 15/10kg Dbs, 20/14#
Beg: 10/5kg Dbs, unweighted  
C) Stretch                    

Hip flexors, glutes, lower back.                    


This new 8 week phase of endurance will focus on improving this Hero
wod Whitten.

Week 4
Muscle endurance at 8/10 RPE
Each 16 mins X3 rounds
40 Deadlifts 35/25kg
40 lateral burpees over the bar
65/48 Cal Air bike or 65/52 Cal Row
40 wall balls