23. Januar 2023

A) Skills/Prep
Warm up to 80% of known max clean
(can be power or squat clean)

B) Open wod 18.2 at "game pace"
For time
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:
Dual Db Front squats
Bar facing burpees
9 min cap
1RM max clean in 3 mins
12 min cap for entire workout

Rx: 22.5/15kg DB
Int: 15/10kg DB
Beg: 10/5kg

C) Core
3 min face up Chinese plank hold across benches
4 min cap


15 AMRAP at 75% effort
2000/1750m Row
AMRAP in remaining time:
20/15 Cal Bike erg/ Air bike
40 double unders 

rest 5

10 AMRAP at 85% effort
1500/1300m Row
AMRAP in remaining time:
15/10 Cal Bike erg/ Air bike
25 double unders 

rest 5

5 AMRAP at 95% effort
45/38 Cal air bike
Max double unders in time remaining