25. Januar 2023

Strength Upper    
20-30 sec chin over bar pullup hold    
rest 30    
A2) 6-8 Db Bench press @20X1    
rest 30    
A3) 12 alt hand KB Gorilla rows @2010    
rest 60 sec X3     
B) 20 EMOM at 8/10 RPE    

M1: Single Kb/DB overhead carry 15m heavy each arm    
M2: Row 50 sec     
M3: 8 heel raised Goblet Squat heavy    
M4: Sandbag bearhug carry 30m    
M5: Air bike 50 sec    
C) Core    

Tabata 20 sec work :10 rest X8    
Hollow hold    


Bar Skills
3 rounds
10 hollow rocks + 10 scap only pullups + 10 sec HS hold

B) Bar skill #1
Advanced: Practice pullovers
Intermediate: Strict toes to bar
Beginner: Strict knees to chest

C) Bar muscle up skill
10 x power glide arch to pull down
3 x 10 reps barbell roller drill
Accumulate 2 mins wall back bend
3 x 6 reps Banded toes to bar for speed
5 sets of 2 BMU with credit card/wrist strap between your feet (make them pretty)

D) 3 rounds
max effort strict pronated chin ups
max effort strict ring dips
15-20 GHDSU
30 sec hollow hold