Project Description

Rose Baradei-Pannone
Mother and wife

In November, 2014 I started at Crossfit Zug and, along with clean eating, I was able to lose 35 kg. I have transformed my life in a matter of 6 months and I owe so much of my physical fitness to Crossfit Zug and it’s fantastic trainers and community. When I joined Crossfit Zug, I had no experience working out, but it didn’t matter because the trainers helped and encouraged me during every session. They scaled the workouts and worked with me to ensure that my form was correct so I would not get hurt. They are fantastic! What is even more fantastic is the team spirit that you feel at Crossfit Zug…your never alone during your workout and at the end, we all are breathing heavy and giving each other high fives!   I’ve gotten so much encouragement from the other members of the box, it has inspired me to continue with cross fit and work hard to increase my physical fitness.

Because of Crossfit Zug, I can play for endless hours with my daughter, run, jump and climb jungle gyms! Consistently exercising at Crossfit Zug has transformed my life and made me a healthier and a more physically fit person. Thank you to Crossfit Zug for helping me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals and for continuing to encourage me!