AMRAP for 35min @ STEADY pace of:
Ski 400m
5 Bench Press
Bike 800m
10 Ring Push-ups
Row 400m
5 Supinated Bent over Row
Run 400m
40m Sled Push (2x 20m)


7min ON / 2min OFF:
1: Ski, Row, Assault Bike or Bike
9 DB Deadlifts
6 DB Squats
3 DB Push Press
(same DBs for all movements)
3: Ski, Row, Assault Bike or Bike
10 Side Bends
20sec Supine GHD Hold

Focus on device:
1min @ Moderate
30sec. @ Easy
1min @ Fast
30sec Full Rest


7min ON / 2min OFF:
Station 1
3x 200m Run (increase the tempo every set)
Rest 90sec.

Station 2
2 rounds of:
1min Single Unders (both feet take off)
1min Single Unders (alternating feet)
1min Double Unders
Rest 30sec.

Station 3
EMOM for 7min:
8/8 Double KB Gorilla Row

Station 4
AMRAP in 6min:
10/10 Crossover Sit-ups
5/5 Around the World (scale: bend your knees)

Station 5
AMRAP in 6min:
5 Jumping Bar Muscle-ups
10 Heavy KB Swings
Row 100m