Dear Members

The Benchmark Week is back THIS WEEK! It’s time to test again.

We will test your work capacities for the whole week @ CrossFit Zug / Luzern again. We will be offering only Benchmarks WODs (e.g. Fran, Karen…)
You’ll find the scoresheets below as well.

We hope that you will be as successful as on the last benchmark week! The last benchmark week was full of new PR’s!
Let’s rock this week!

Your CrossFit Zug / Luzern Team


Choose either
“CrossFit Total”
1RM backsquat
1RM strict press
1RM deadlift
“The other total”
1RM clean
1RM bench press
“JMT total”
1RM power clean
1RM frontsquat
1RM push press

Submit your scores here: LINK


A / Lifting
15min running clock
find your 1RM power/squat clean
find your 1RM C&J

B / Workout
30 C&Js 60/40kg
Timecap: 10min

C / Grip test
1) max dead/passive hang
If you can hold longer than 90sec, don’t do 2) !!

2) max unbroken meters farmer carry
2x 32/24kg (in 10m lanes)

Submit your scores here: LINK


A / Strength
10min running clock
find your 1RM in one of the exercises you haven’t
done this week: backsquat, frontsquat, strict press,
push press, bench press

B / Gymnastic test:
Choose one movement that you can do:
Strict/kipped HSPUs, strict pullups (banded), strict
stationary/ring dips (banded), bar/ring MUs, HS walk
T2B, strict T2B, toes-to-rings, GHDSUs, l-sit hold
!! do 1 set of max unbroken repetitions/seconds !!

C / Workout
Option 1
5 rounds of
800m run, 30 KB swings 32/24kg, 30 pullups
Option 2:
5 rounds of
400m run, 30 boxjumps, 30 wallballs

Submit your scores here: LINK

Olympic Lifting: (Monday + Thursday @ Zug / Thursday @ Luzern)

15 Min to find your 1 RM Snatch

15 Min to find your 1 RM Clean & Jerk

Submit your scores here: LINK

STRENGTH: (Monday + Thursday @ Zug)

Deadlift, 1 1/2 body weight
Bench press, body weight
Squat Clean, 3/4 body weight

Submit your scores here: LINK